CC2650 BLE controlled longboard

Keywords: C, Bluetooth, BLE, CC2650

Once every year at Texas Instruments we have this thing called “Innovation Day” where we during 24 hours play around with basically whatever we want that is TI related. This was my first time, and I decided to replace the bluetooth controller on my longboard to TI products.

I used 2x CC2650 Launchpads which is one of the BLE products I’m usually working with. One acts as a central device (longboard side) and one as a peripheral device (joystick side). The peripheral reads an analog value from a joystick (model PSP from ebay) using the Sensor Controller* in the CC2650. The joystick x-orientation is sent as a 16-bit integer over BLE to the central which outputs a corresponding PWM-signal. The PWM signal is connected to an ESC which outputs a three-phase current to the electrical motor.

The longboard can go forward and break.

Indoor test on YouTube:

Outdoor test on YouTube:

Since this was work-ish related i didn’t put the code on GitHub, but the BLE stack can be found here and additional examples here.

*The Sensor Controller is as an ultra low-power 16-bit RISC processor that can access the same peripherals as the main processor. This is very useful when the Cortex-M3 is overkill and not power friendly.

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