Daft Punk helmet

Keywords: C/C++, Arduino, Bluetooth, ATmega,

I built the helmet to wear on a costume party contest on Halloween 2013, and is because of this aesthetically damaged in the videos below. However, I won first prize and got myself a nice diploma, so it was totally worth it.

It was shortly after the party noticed on a major Swedish TV channel; TV4 (can be found here) in an interview with my good friend Sofie, about encouraging girls to apply for technical education. It can nowadays be found in a showcase at Linköping University.

The electronics consists of 256 LED soldered together to a 32×8 matrix, four 8-bit shift registers, an HC-05 Bluetooth module and an ATmega328 microcontroller. It was originally programmed with Arduino and later re-written in C.

Demo on YouTube:

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